Young submissive feminine Pre Op TS, looking for bondage fun

Hi, I'm 22 and I live in XXX, Staffordshire. I have been cross dressing for quite a few years but recently I have discovered that I am in fact transsexual. I don't dress full time yet, although I do most of the time when I go out, and with friends, etc. I'm not on hormones yet either, however I have had my first appointment at Charring Cross Gender Identity Clinic. I'm very feminine and I love all girly things, pink and fluffy stuff is great. I have recently got into Bondage, and I am very submissive, although not extreme. (No scat, watersports, heavy pain, cutting, etc) but I do love to be tied up, handcuffed, put in a collar and leash, and be spanked, and forced to do certain things. I also got slightly into chastity, and I have a pink CB2000. (Do a search if you don't know what that is) My favorite scene would be to be fully dressed on my hands and knees, in a collar and leash, with a CB2000 on, having a cock in my mouth and in my butt. Anything else you want to know? Just ask.

Straight guy looking for his first TV / TS / Shemale

Hi, fellow hedonists. I trust you are greedily devouring the pleasures of life and not letting any fun experience pass you by! Yes, I describe myself as bi in my profile, but that doesn’t really paint the full picture. Firstly, I am in my early forties and the last truly bi experience I had was about twenty years ago. The problem is I remember it well and re-live it in my wildest fantasies and I’m yearning to bring it back to reality! If you asked me to define my sexuality I would easily answer hetero. This is not a contradiction – I have never found myself feeling that fancying of a guy the same way that I do with the ladies. However, I am a very sexually ambivalent soul and when it comes to getting down and dirty the thought of passionately playing with other guy naughty bits sends tingles down my back and up my cock.

So what am I looking for? Any of three different types of encounter but at the end of the day I’m just looking for people on the same wavelength as me to play with – nothing serious or heavy. In fact, as it’s been so long since I had another mans cock in my hand or mouth it may take a few drinks and some subtle persuasion to release any inhibitions I may have built up. Guys – you must be a man and not a boy at least 30 years old upwards with no upper limit. Like me, you must be straight acting as campness does nothing for me. Tall, dark, muscular and handsome would be ideal but a beautiful cock and balls is more important especially as this is what I’ll be spending most of my time close up to! I don’t mind if you’re straight or bi or if you have a compatable partner who wants to join in. If anything I am a submissive and enjoy being told what to do. However, don’t expect me to be anything other than 100% man (even if I’m wearing sexy lady’s underwear at the time!) I’d also like to chat and meet with a couple. I have some wicked fantasies involving couples. Seduction, domination and playful cuckolding are all on the menu and I’d love to hear some ideas from you too. I’d be happy to chat with couples of any age, color or size as long as you are willing to lay back and enjoy some intense sexual pampering and exploration in detail of your wildest fantasies. Last, but not least, on my wish list is the company of someone of very ambiguous sex. Maybe a beautiful pre-op transsexual or transvestite. Again, any age, size or color. Finally, I am a sucker for a really good long massage so if anyone out there can give me a really good rub-down then I’d be putty in your hands. Get in touch soon as I am bursting with anticipation!

Can you handle something different

I'm a 40 yr old "girl" looking for that someone special. I would say I'm quite a shy person, at least to start with. My female side is the stronger part of me. I enjoy going out to pubs and clubs and meeting new people though being shy doesn't help. I'd like to find a long-term relation ship but also to increase the friends I have. I like a slightly dominant partner who will tell me what to do. I enjoy sex and though I like to get to know people first I have been known to let go with the right person. I am quite a curious person and will quite often experiment.