SEEKING: Intelligent, attractive submissive/slave

Only genuinely serious and generous submissives/slaves need apply. You must be willing to be dominated in body and mind. I enjoy many forms of humiliation, bondage, discipline, training, cock chastity, sexual teasing & denial, and occasionally forced masturbation, Only for My entertainment. I have NO interest in forced feminization or sissy sluts! I like My slaves to be real men, who LOVE serving, pleasing, worshipping, and being OWNED by a Mistress. You must be genuinely submissive and very "service oriented" slave, and want to be truly OWNED, to be of any interest to Me! I am not involved in the scene at all! My interests are discreet and private. If you are not willing to be discreet and private, do not apply. Please not: I am not looking for a 24/7 submissive/slave. I have my own private life. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR: a boyfriend, a lover, a husband, a crossdresser, a switch, Fake subservient slave, I am looking for a REAL SUBMISSIVE/SLAVE.

If you are serious and you feel that you meet the requirements specified in My profile, send Me a clear & recent photo of yourself. (photos of your face and your body : do not send a Me a naked photo). Detailed description of yourself, including your age, date of birth, height, weight, hair/eye color, occupation, location, availability and your experience and a brief description of what you are hoping to find in a Mistress/slave relationship.

Desperately seeking erotic fun

I am a very shy closeted transvestite / crossdresser who desires to be adventurous. I like all types of feminine clothes, silky and smooth is always first prizes. I like to dress anywhere from casual (going to the mall) to evening dress. The more feminine the more sensual the experience is. I like to feel and look good which eliminates tart and camp. Sensual candlelight dinners or night around the fire are good. From that you can work out what I like best.

I am a very shy closeted transvestite / crossdresser (in Annapolis, Maryland) who desires to move out of her closet and meet someone really special who can take me to a new understanding of fun. I am a virgin to bi sex have heard that is the most extreme and satisfying experience that you can ever have. Having never experienced anything like and just the thought of the experience has become like the quest for the Holy Grail. If you are able to introduce me to my hearts desire, then I am willing to travel and spend a couple of days (week or weekend) at your leisure and meet you in an experience that I hope will change the way I look a life from here on out. Please contact me and let’s see if you can educate me in a new way of life.

Male Seeks Adventurous Times?

Hi, just joined to see if anyone in these adverts is interested in the more mature male who is still quite fit, healthy, non-smoker, tea-total, no drugs. I have no real experience of meetings of this type through personal ad columns but some years ago did have some times with a pleasant female who just liked to be spanked and massaged. We both enjoyed the times together but I had to move away so, logically, discontinued contact. If this is classed as experienced then I suppose it will be. I can travel to visit but NO hotels/motels ever considered. I seek and offer a genuine and reliable fun friendship with discretion if required.

If you are a single or couple who like the idea of being occasionally spanked by an older good humored male plus sharing fun massage do please get in touch. I have no objection to a closet crossdresser wishing to share that interest in private. YOU must be non-smokers and light social drinkers, if at all. No drugs. GENUINE response only please. Thanks!